To say Byron is a dynamic speaker would be an understatement; his energy level is akin to what some have referred to as a one-man hurricane! His trick archery demos are unlike anything you have ever seen, capturing and holding the attention of both young and old. Apples off people’s heads, candles out of their teeth and balloons filled with flour -- all designed to make people laugh! No "golf" claps during Byron's demos, only back slapping and gut busting laughter!!!

“Nobody cares how good a shot you are, they just want to laugh and have a good time. If people are laughing, I’ve got their attention - they’re listening! By the end of my demo, folks are not only sitting on the edge of their seat but soaking in the truth about the topic I am speaking on"

Education Thru Entertainment

"Education Thru Entertainment is the process of using entertainment to capture peoples attention in order to the educate them with the truth"

Byron's trick archery demos and seminars are so entertaining it allows him to capture peoples attention in such a powerful way that he is then able to educate folks with the truth, thus allowing them to make decisions based on facts rather than feelings!

Types of Events
Trade Shows
Outdoors Expos
Church Events
Corporate Training
Byron's speaking ability is very diverse. Whether it be a group of junior high kids in South Africa or a room full of PhD's in Virginia he captures and holds their attention in a way you have to see to believe.
A typical seminar consists of Byron showing 20-25 minutes of video. He stops and starts the video inserting commentary along the way. After finishing the video Byron uses a “volunteer” for a flour filled balloon shot. The typical seminar last 30-45 minutes and is performed for crowds of less than 200 people.
Trick Archery Demos
Byron’s trick archery demos usually consist of several trick shots with him speaking for 2 to 10 minutes between shots. All shots are performed with strict safety precautions such as bulletproof lexan. The typical demo last 45-60 minutes and is performed for crowds in excess of 200 people. Byron’s children have been shooting in the demos with him since they were 18 months old, although they are very busy in school they still often perform in the demos.


Speaking Topics
Topics that Byron speaks on vary depending upon the group or organization to which he is speaking. Whether it be a fortune 500 company that wants to pump up their executive team or a church wild game banquet trying to reach those good ole boys that you couldn't drag to church with a log chain. Byron has a topic that will capture their attention and leave them wanting more!!!
A Word from Byron
Hey Guys, thanks for considering me for your event, I would love to help make your event the most successful one ever! I have been doing trick archery demos since I was a junior in High school (1987) and I can guarantee you have never experienced anything like one of my live demos! No matter what the purpose of your event, I always take time to share God's command for us to have "Dominion" over the animals. I am convinced we will never kill or catch everything, but will loose our right to enjoy God’s creation at the voting booth. That's why it is so important to educate folks with the truth about hunting, fishing and the shooting sports from a Biblical and research based perspective using Education Thru Entertainment ! I look forward to working with you!
What others are saying
I truly enjoyed sitting in on your Seminar this past Sunday.  I go to many of these type shows: Coastal Conservation Association, Texas Parks & Wildlife, SCI, Ducks Unlimited etc. and have never sat in on one of the guests Seminar’s…I sell money and service, but hate being sold myself.
Not only was your message regarding our hunting/outdoors heritage clear…but your message regarding GOD’s hand in creating it, and giving us Dominion over it, was equally as clear AND unobtrusive.  In fact, it was the best delivery I have ever heard…and there have been many who have tried.
    PETER, San Antonio, TX
I have been a show promoter for nearly 30 years. And in all that time Byron Tabor and Micheal Waddell put on the best seminars I have ever had at my shows!
    Danny, TX
Book Byron
In order to book Byron for your event please email us at Briefly describe your event, along with all your contact info. You will then be emailed a link where you can download a speaking contract. Thanks you for your interest we look forward to working with you!
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