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Two full days of the most solid archery instruction on the planet!

~ Focusing on your God given abilities
Others try to teach you to shoot. I will show you how to use your God given abilities, the ones you have been using since you were a small child, to shoot like never before!

~ Equipment
I will examine all aspects of your equipment, to make sure you are properly outfitted. I have arrows of multiple spines, lengths and weights that we will use to find “YOUR” perfect setup.  We will even paper tune your arrows!

~ Body Mechanics
From the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head, I will show you how to properly align your body to maximize consistency.

~ Picking a Spot
I will show you the brain and eye exercises, that allow me to shoot the heads off of quail in mid flight. These exercises, allow you to practices the brain functions that you normally only use while shooting, on a daily basis. Imagine being able to practice your shooting skills while sitting in a meeting or driving down the road!

~ Practice
Over the years I have found that most folks practice in a way that develops and promotes bad habits. I teach you the most effective way to practice to increase accuracy and reinforce good shooting form.

 ~ Concentration and Consistency
Outside of properly tuned equipment these are the most important aspects of archery. I will give you the building blocks to create a lifetime of fun and accuracy!

~ Video Analysis
We will video and analyze you shooting throughout the weekend and send you a copy for future reference. 

~ Fun and Fellowship
We will have a lot of good FUN and FELLOWSHIP!  Bring your best stories, lies and pictures to share around the campfire!


1. Who may attend the classes?

~ Your Spouse
A special discount is listed below for your spouse taking the class with you.

~ The Whole Family
We highly encourage families to shoot together! There are special discounts for your children taking the classes with you.

~ Disabled Archers
Teaching you to shoot from a seated position is not only possible but an awesome way to enjoy the sport of archery!

~ Beginners
If you have never shot a bow, do not own a Recurve or Longbow I encourage you to still attend.  I have all the equipment you need to learn to be an expert traditional archer.

~ Experienced Shooters
No matter how long you have been shooting, I guarantee you will go away with a new skills to enhance your accuracy and a renewed passion for the sport of kings!


 2. Is there a Military Discount?
~ YES, proudly for both retired and active duty!


3. Hows the food?
~ Five Star Southern Cooking at its best!


4. Wheres the nearest airport?
~ Greensboro, NC is about an hour away, airport code is GSO.


5. Whats included in the price?
~ Two full days of the most solid archery instruction on the planet!
~ Five Star Southern Cooking at its best!
~ Lodging at Willow Oaks Plantation or a local hotel

5. How do I sign up?

~ Fill out the Registration Packet and return with your deposit to confirm your spot in class.


~ Individual Cost $1000.00


~ Spouse $675.00
Your spouse may attend the school for half price plus the cost of food and lodging


~ Kids $675.00
If you have a child under 18, or still in college, they may attend the school for half price plus the cost of food and lodging.


~ Military $675.00
Military, retired or active duty, may attend the school for half price plus the cost of food and lodging.
Must provide military ID.


~ Just for Fun - Customized price available upon request
If you wish to bring your family along there are many local attractions they can enjoy while class is taking place, plus Willow Oaks Plantation has fishing ponds and other activities.  Please let us know ahead of time so we know how to plan the meals and activities. We will customize a plan to fit your family needs.

~ Financial details are included in the Registration Packet

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